Hello, and welcome. My name is Robert Wallace Marr. I am named after my father, Robert B. Marr and my uncle, Charles Wallace Spink. After many years of research, both on my own and with the aid of professional organizations, I have recorded a lot of information, which I am happy to present to you here on the Marr-Family Genealogy Website.

Alexander B Marr 600dpi restored

Alexander Brown Marr

Our Marr family is from Scotland, specifically the counties, shires, in and around Glasgow. My grandfather,  Alexander Brown Marr immigrated to Rhode Island in 1922, and his wife, Agnes Jane Main Ferguson and their two sons, Robert Brown Marr and George Harvey Ferguson Marr followed along two years later. There are, I’m sure a whole host of Marrs and Fergusons still in Scotland, but we lost track of them many years ago. There are even some of the Ferguson family who immigrated to New Zealand.

My mother was a Spink. I have been able to trace the first Spink’s  arrival from London to Robert Spink. He came over on the Speedwell in 1635 and landed along the shores of Narraganset Bay. He ultimately settled in a village now known as North Kingstown, RI.

My maternal grandmother was Aldea Jacob. At some point, her family immigrated to RI from Quebec. No question that at some point, they came from France. Loose records suggest it may have been from the Alcase region, but I’m not yet sure…

My wife’s father, Hoyle Kenneth Coward Sr. was from Tennessee and her mother, Margaret M. Geist was of German descent. In this site, we will explore all discovered facets of the combined families.